Day trip to Muir Woods

If you are planning a trip to Muir Woods from San Francisco, take this chance to visit some beautiful spots along the way! Muir Beach and Stinson Beach are both beautiful and definitely worth the detour!

Muir Beach

Muir Beach is just about three miles from the actual Muir Woods forest. The beach offers beautiful views over the ocean, good surf, and a great spot to watch a sunset.

Muir Beach Overlook

Just a few minutes north from Muir Beach lies the Muir Beach Overlook that offers some stunning view over the ocean.

Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach is a cute little seaside town that got nice restaurants, cafes, surf shops and of course a wonderful beach for families and surfers alike.

Muir Woods

Located just 17 miles north from the city, Muir Woods makes a perfect day trip from San Francisco .  No wonder it is among the most popular places to visit in San Francisco and naturally can get very busy especially during high season.

Good to know about Muir Woods: 

  • If you are planning to drive to Muir Woods, it’s highly recommended to reserve a parking spot beforehand. The reservation is $ 8 per vehicle.
  • The entrance fee is $15 per person. Kids under 16 have free access. 
  • Arrive at the time your reservation starts. Our parking reservation was at 3.30pm and getting there at 3.15pm they turned us away, that’s how strict it is, hah!
  • The best time to visit the park is later in the afternoon just before the park closes (5pm). We noticed that the park got a lot less crowded as it got closer to the closing time.
  • If you are not driving, you can book a shuttle that leaves from Sausalito, Marin City, and Mill Valley. The shuttle costs $3 per person.

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